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Last updated effective July 2023

These terms and conditions may be modified at any time.

Welcomes you to the website located at www.fbpvastore.com. We are a company of social media management, seo services & social accounts Provider, in which we offering Facebook Accounts, YouTube Accounts, Gmail Accounts & Twitter Accounts. We are here to help our customers drive their business success & growth. we have earned the confidence of hundreds of clients worldwide. we officially legend member of Top seo forums in the internet property.

We Provide best Quality Gmail & Facebook Phone Verified Accounts, which is %100 work worldwide locations & come with complete Details in Excel & notepad format.


Like most websites on the internet, FBPVA uses cookies to store information regarding what pages users tend to visit with frequency. This way, we can improve our user experience and continue providing a high-quality service to our user base. Some cookies are necessary to enable certain functions of our website. We utilize first and third-party cookies. You can delete all cookies stored by clearing your history in your browser settings on any device you may have used to visit this website.

What is PVA

PVA stands for "Phone Verified Account" In the context of online platforms and services that require account registration, PVA account is one that has been verified with a valid phone number. Phone verification is often used as an additional security measure to verify the authenticity of user accounts.

What is Non PVA

Non PVA stands for "Non Phone Verified Account" In the context of online platforms and services that require account registration, Non PVA account is one that has not been verified with a valid phone number. When you order Non PVA accounts, they will typically be delivered in an Excel or Notepad file format. This file will include all necessary information, such as the login email, password, account date of birth, account recovery information, and any other relevant details. However, it's essential to remember that these accounts are not verified with mobile number.

Delivery and Replacement

Upon confirming your order through the invoice, we will process it promptly. If you require an urgent delivery, kindly confirm before placing the order. Rest assured, we offer a 24-hour free replacement for bed or non-login accounts. This includes accounts with issues like incorrect passwords or missing recovery details on the first login attempt.

How to Login Accounts

We highly recommend using 100% private or good IP addresses for our accounts as it will significantly extend the account's lifespan. For optimal results, we suggest limiting the usage to a maximum of 2 or 3 accounts per IP address.

How to Add Activity in Accounts

We advise adding activity to your accounts gradually. Avoid sending bulk friend requests or spam messages as Facebook systems may detect and lock your accounts. Taking a gradual and measured approach will help maintain account integrity and prevent any potential issues.

Support and communication

We take great pride in offering excellent customer support and providing valuable information to our customers. Our live support agents are available on our website from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM (Eastern Time). For email inquiries, we ensure 24/7 online availability to maintain the best possible customer relations.

Customer Relation

We are dedicated to fostering strong and long-term customer relationships. Our sales representatives are always prepared to embrace new challenges, striving to perform better and deliver successful projects.

Accounts Maintenance

We never reuse previously sold accounts, ensuring the utmost integrity. However, upon user demand, we can customize the settings, including resetting the complete bio, school, college, and removing previously added friends. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Quality Maintenance

Our system undergoes daily updates, incorporating new IP addresses, profile pictures, covers, names, and other essential features to create unique data with each iteration. This ensures a constantly fresh and distinctive experience for our users.

What We Do with Previously Sold Data

Our dedication to safeguarding our customers' product or item information means that we do not utilize any account data once a sale is complete. The ownership of this data remains solely with our customers. As a precautionary measure, we retain a backup file for three months in the event that the customer may require it for retrieval in the future.

Variation of Terms

FBPVA.Com and its team may revise the terms and conditions at convenience. If you continue to navigate this website, you agree to periodically check for any changes pertinent to these terms and conditions. You will be able to find the latest modification date of these terms and conditions on this same page at all times, whenever you visit it.

Contact Us

You can contact us to ask any questions about this Privacy Policy by emailing our support team at support@FBPVA.com. We value your feedback and will get back to you soon.

Yahoo PVA Accounts - IMAP & Simple

Yahoo Phone Verified

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Yahoo IMAP Enabled

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Why Choose Us

Facebook PVA Store — One of the premier platforms for social media accounts. We specialize in offering high-quality PVA accounts for Facebook PVA, Instagram PVA, YouTube PVA, Gmail PVA, Hotmail, and Twitter PVA. Each account is created using a unique IP address and comes with complete information, such as a profile picture, hometown, school, college, and more.

We stand behind our accounts and offer a complete replacement guarantee for accounts that are already locked or cannot be logged in for the first time. To help ensure your satisfaction, we also offer a free sample account before you place your order.

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you through Skype — FbPva.Store, eMail — info@fbpvastore.com or our website's contact us page. At Facebook Pva Store, we are committed to providing you with the best social media accounts and support possible.


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