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Our Accounts are 100% Phone-Verified, No login Checkpoint problems

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You can save money to our legitamate Profiles which are good for your needs

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We made PVA from unique IP & carefully match the location to every Profiles

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We're dedicated to delivering the most trustworthy Facebook PVA (Phone Verified Accounts) service in the industry. Our unwavering commitment to quality and security ensures that each PVA account we offer is rigorously verified to meet your requirements. Choose us for a partnership founded on reliability, integrity, and a commitment to elevating your digital presence.

Pricing Details — Buy Facebook PVA Accounts Fresh

Here are the pricing details for Facebook PVA Accounts, which have been fully verified and come with an attached email address from ProtonMail, Outlook, or Hotmail. We offer free review copy to all customers with Complete Email Access, Read All The Details Carefully Before Placing your Order.
Terms & Condition Apply - How to USE Facebook Accounts and iP Address, Please Read [instructions] Before Order.

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Pricing Details — Buy Facebook Marketplace Accounts Fresh

Here are the pricing details for our Facebook PVA Accounts with marketplace, which have been fully verified and come with an attached email address from Outlook, or Hotmail. We offer free review copy to all customers with Complete Email Access, Read All The Details Carefully Before Placing your Order.
Terms & Condition Apply - How to USE Facebook Accounts and iP Address, Please Read [instructions] Before Order.

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Pricing Details — Buy Gmail PVA Accounts

Read below the pricing details for our Gmail Non PVA and Gmail PVA accounts, which are not verified with mobile and verified with mobile. Please review all the details carefully before placing your order. Terms & Condition Apply - How to USE Gmail Accounts and iP Address, Please Read [instructions] Before Order.

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Where to Buy Facebook Accounts

Facebook PVA Store — Trusted and secure platform for Facebook PVA Accounts. We offer high-quality Facebook and Gmail PVA accounts that can be used from any location and come with email access. Our services are designed specifically for Facebook marketers and promoters who need reliable and top-quality accounts.

Why You Need to Buy Facebook Accounts

Facebook is a popular platform for brand promotion and advertising, Everyone is looking to spend his money in facebook advertisement system to get more leads and sales. if you are looking to promote your brand or products on Facebook without spending a lot on ads, using multiple accounts can be a valuable strategy. At FBPVASTORE, you can buy unlimited Facebook PVA accounts to promote your products and services. These accounts can be used to add friends and share content in various groups, allowing you to reach wide audience and grow your brand on Facebook.

How to Buy Facebook Accounts

If you're looking to boost your social media presence quickly and easily, you've come to the right place. Check out our website for available Facebook PVA account packages and select the accounts that best fit your Facebook marketing needs. Our packages are designed to help you grow your online presence effectively and efficiently, We also offer various payment options, including PayPal and cryptocurrency, to make the process as smooth as possible.

Trusted Account Seller

When buying Facebook accounts, it's important to select a reliable and legitimate digital marketing agency. Take note that a professional and verified Facebook PVA Store is the only one that can provide you accounts that meet your needs. Keep this important tip in mind to ensure that you receive high-quality accounts that will effectively support your Facebook marketing.



We are a company that provides social media management, SEO services, and social accounts Provider, in which we offering Facebook PVA Accounts, YouTube Accounts, Gmail PVA Accounts and Twitter Accounts. We are here to help our customers drive their business success and growth. we have earned the confidence of hundreds of clients worldwide. we officially legend member of Top seo forums in the internet property.


Important for Buying Facebook Accounts

Before you buy Facebook accounts, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. These are the following:

Cookie-Friendly Facebook PVA

Make sure that the Facebook account you want to buy is cookie-enabled. If you have created facebook account designed to market your business, you know how important the cookies are to boost its growth and popularity. The cookies will help your business searchable for your target clients.

Phone Verified Accounts

Facebook account that is PVA supported can be used as an application on your mobile phone. This means you don’t need to use your desktop computer to access the Facebook account you purchased.

Full Profile Bio

When it comes to buying Facebook accounts, having complete profile bio is essential. we offer Facebook PVA accounts that come with complete bio, including profile pictures of both male and female, cover picture, hometown, high school, college, and work information. This allows you to use the account immediately without having to spend time filling in the details yourself.

Easy to Login

It is always important to pick PVA Facebook accounts over the non-PVA ones. This is because a PVA Facebook account uses your phone number to register.

Facebook Accounts Portfolio

Explore the Available Facebook PVA Account Profile Portfolio by FBPVASTORE.


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Facebook Pva Store, Read compliments about our services. We are very reputable & (Jr.VIP) seller on multiple SEO Forums. All Reviews are %100 Verified.

I know SEO

Twitter and Facebook accounts used for the review. Decent quality, comes complete with the email, password, recovery email and recovery password. Everything you need to get you through most security checks. Great service.

May 12, 2023


Just used this service to purchase around 100 Gmail accounts. They were delivered in a timely manner, 24 Hours. The seller did a good job communicating and also let me make sure the accounts were what I needed. I would use this service again in the future, and would recommend his services.

May 12, 2023


I bought 100 accounts and he delivered them in time come with english names and Excel Format. A few accounts were not working, but he replaced them when asked with working ones. Overall, a very good service & recommend for next time buy.

May 12, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook PVA stands for Phone Verified Account. Verifying your account with phone number can remove restrictions and lower the risk of your pages and profile being banned. This process can enhance safety when advertising on Facebook.

Gmail PVA are more secure and fully verified accounts using multiple unique phone numbers. These accounts work from any location and IP address without asking verification.

Yes, we offer variety of social and email accounts including hotmail, outlook, mail.com, protonmail, Twitter PVA, Pinterest PVA, YouTube PVA, and Gmail PVA accounts.

Why Choose Us

Facebook PVA Store — One of the premier platforms for social media accounts. We specialize in offering high-quality PVA accounts for Facebook PVA, Instagram PVA, YouTube PVA, Gmail PVA, Hotmail, and Twitter PVA. Each account is created using a unique IP address and comes with complete information, such as a profile picture, hometown, school, college, and more.

We stand behind our accounts and offer a complete replacement guarantee for accounts that are already locked or cannot be logged in for the first time. To help ensure your satisfaction, we also offer a free sample account before you place your order.

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you through Skype — FbPva.Store, eMail — info@fbpvastore.com or our website's contact us page. At Facebook Pva Store, we are committed to providing you with the best social media accounts and support possible.


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